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Image by DANNY G
Feats Party - SUN 19th May

No FEATS without the traditional FEATS party. We've changed the formula a bit. Discover all you need to know about 'Twilight Tales - Masquerade Night'.

Don't forget to bring your own masks etc. on Sunday 19th May.

Hospitality ABC

As we get closer to the festival, we've prepared our ABC-guide to help you (re)discover this festival and the city of Antwerp. 

If you still have questions, or want to sign up for a specific activity, come to the hospitality desk. The desk will be open as of 11 am to 9 pm on SAT, SUN & MON. On FRI we'll open up as of 3 pm.

Image by rivage

Workshops are given by Nathan Daeche Green on Saturday 18th May as part of the Fringe Festival.

Maximum 15 people per workshop!

Please sign up for the workshops at the HOSPITALITY DESK at the venue.

Guided Walks

Get a more intimate glimpse of Antwerp through our 2 guided walks. They will take place on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Maximum 25 people per guided walk!

To join us on one of these walks, you can sign up at the HOSPITALITY DESK on Friday 17th May and Saturday 18th May. Participation cost is €8.

Tips in Antwerp

All you need to know about Antwerp can be found online (,,,, etc), but we've listed a number of suggestions to help you out.

Antwerp = LEZ

If you come by CAR, please note:

Antwerp is a Low-Emission Zone (LEZ)

Street parking in centre for permit holders only

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