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BATS Committee

Welcome to our committee page!

At BATS, we are proud to have a dedicated committee that plays a crucial role in shaping the direction and success of our theatre group. Allow us to introduce you to our esteemed committee members:

Chair  - Inge Hödl    

Vice-Chair   - Adrian Veale

Secretary  - Inge Massaert

Treasurer - Ronald Domen

Membership secretary   - Hilary Denis

Member  - Soetkin Gielen

Member     - Sid Wilkins

Publicity    -  Annelies Lightband & Saskia Van Nuffelen

Batogram editor  - Inge Hödl

All committee members, whether voted or co-opted, share a common passion for the performing arts and a commitment to the success of BATS. Together, they collaborate, make decisions, and work towards our shared goals.

The annual general meeting serves as a platform for our members to participate in the democratic process of electing committee members and shaping the future of BATS. It is an opportunity for our community to come together, share ideas, and contribute to the growth and development of our theatre club.

We are grateful to have such a dedicated and talented committee that drives BATS' success. Their collective efforts ensure that we continue to deliver exceptional productions and unforgettable experiences to our audiences.

Feel free to reach out to our committee members with any questions or suggestions. They are here to serve BATS and its community with passion, integrity, and creativity.

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