1) Current FEATS entry:

We're organising FEATS 2018, therefore we have no entry for BATS. 

Find out more about FEATS 2018.

2) What is FEATS?

The festival, of which BATS is a founding member, has been running since 1976. It was first performed in The Hague and is open to all European amateur theatrical societies and drama groups who stage productions in English. As the UK has many of its own amateur festivals UK societies are excluded from FEATS, but the winner of FEATS may be eligible to participate in the British All Winners Festival if the standard is considered high enough.

FEATS is a competition and a professional adjudicator asseses all performances before awarding prizes for winners in a number of categories including production, acting, stage presentation, stage management and original script. For more information about FEATS please visit their website by clicking here. Details of FEATS awards won by BATS can be found in our archives section.

3) Recent FEATS/FEATletS participations:

  • FEATletS 2009 - Brussels - Cluedo - Best original script (Daniel Sossi) + 3rd prize best female actress (Lorraine Thompson)
  • FEATS 2010 - Bad Homburg - Oh My God - Best original script (Daniel Sossi) + Adjudicator's Discretionary Award (Erik Tytgadt & Tom De Beckker)
  • FEATS 2011 - Geneva - 10 - 13 June (Whitsun weekend) - Cards - Fringe
  • FEATS 2012 - Antwerp -  25-28 May  (Whitsun weekend) - organised by BATS (feats2012.batsantwerp.be)
  • FEATS 2013 - The Hague (www.feats.nl/)
  • FEATS 2014 - Mamer, Luxemburg - 6 - 9 June - The Last Supper (main program)