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Acting & Drama Classes

BATS is looking forward to hosting the 2024 edition of FEATS,

at the Zuiderpershuis from 17 to 20 May 2024.

FEATS 2024 main competition
Main Competition

FEATS is the annual Festival of Anglophone Theatrical Societies.

This brings together English-speaking theatre groups from mainland Europe to take part in a four-day festival, comprising four evenings of competing one-act plays

Fringe Festival

The Fringe features a range of other theatrical performances, talks, walks, workshops, impro or other performance - by local or visiting groups.


Click the button below and check out the Fringe line-up...

FEATS 2024 Fringe festival
Singing & Dance
Venue : Zuiderpershuis

We are extremely excited to have secured the use of the Zuiderpershuis complex, which features all we need for a festival: a theatre and dressing-room space, rooms for Fringe performance and a Green Room, as well as a bar and various courtyards for meetings and socialising. 


Image by Polly
Transport in and to Antwerp

Antwerp is centrally located in Europe and easily accessible by plane, train, bus or car. Getting around the city is stress-free with the shared bike or scooter, or else public transport.

If you come by CAR, please note:

  • Antwerp is a Low-Emission Zone (LEZ)

  • Street parking in centre for permit holders only

Buitenkant hotel
Hotel suggestions

If you're still looking for a place to stay, we have listed a number of hotels near the venue.

Image by Michael Fousert

Most parkings have height restrictions. The nearest to the theatre Kooldok/Steendok is 2,1m. However, Parking Zuiderterras takes vehicles up to 3,5m (max. length 5m) for 22,6 euro/24 hours. Further afield there is also Parking Rijnkaai. 


Parking on the street is not allowed anywhere in the historic city centre. However, the area around the theatre is a red zone, meaning you can park on the street, for max. 3 hours at a rate of 2,30 euro for the 1st hour, +3,4 for the second hour and 5,7 for the 3rd hour and this between 9 and 22hrs. Parking on the street in a red zone is free on Sundays and public holidays (in this case also on Monday). If you want to park further away, in the light green area e.g, same rules apply but it'll be cheaper (1,2euro for 1 hour, 1,6 for the next hours).


You can find the Antwerp parking areas here:


As for registration, this should be done at the latest the day after entering the LEZ. And as I understand it, it should be instant. You'll find the info here:

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