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Welcome to the magical world of Pantomime

Oh no it isn't, oh yes it is ...

Experience the Enchantment of British Pantomimes in Antwerp

Welcome to Bats Antwerp, where we bring the magic of British pantomimes to Antwerp! Step into a world of whimsy, laughter, and family-friendly fun that's as unique as it is captivating. We are Antwerp's premier destination for all things pantomime, where traditional British humour mingles with enchanting stories. Get ready for a theatrical experience like no other in the heart of Antwerp.

Pantomime: Our Unique Passion

At Bats Antwerp, we're not just a theatre company; we're the pioneers of British pantomimes in Antwerp. Our journey is built on a deep love for this unique form of theatre, and we're dedicated to keeping this tradition alive in our vibrant city. With a team of dedicated performers, writers, and creatives, we've been enchanting audiences for years with our special brand of theatrical magic.

What is a 'pantomime'?

In the United Kingdom, the word "Pantomime" means a form of entertainment, generally performed during the Christmas season. Most cities and towns throughout the UK have a form of Pantomime at this time of year. The origins of British Pantomime or "Panto" as it is known date back to the middle ages, taking on board the traditions of the Italian "Commedia dell’ Arte", the Italian night scenes and British Music hall to produce an intrinsic art form that constantly adapted to survive up to the present day.

These early pantomimes were silent, or "dumb show", performances consisting of only dancing and gestures. Spoken drama was allowed in London only in the two (later three) patent theatres until Parliament changed this restriction in 1843.

British pantomime continues as a popular form of theatre, incorporating song, dance, buffoonery, slapstick, cross-dressing, in-jokes, topical references, audience participation, and mild sexual innuendo.

BATS aims to performs a pantomime every year, somewhere between January and April.

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