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The Variety Show - In Colour

Directed by Sid Wilkins

Here it is in black and white: we’re tickled pink to invite you to our annual Variety Show!


We’re rolling out the red carpet, giving you the green light to join this golden opportunity when we show you our true colours.

We’ll be singing until we’re blue in the face so why don't you help us paint the town red in the Variety Show IN COLOUR



  • Adult: € 14
  • students, >65: € 12


Rude Awakenings

By Nicolas Ridley - Directed by Roger Duthie

our BATS 2019 spring production

a one act play which mixes both broad and subtle humour with truthful insights into the pain and pathos that can sometimes lie beneath the surface of village life

Everything normally runs so smoothly at the Little Gissing Art Group’s ‘Annual Exhibition and Competition’ in the Village Hall but this year it’s all going wrong. There are mishaps, misunderstandings, all sorts of complications and some really very shocking revelations! 


Full of laughter – with a tear or two – ‘Rude Awakening’s revolves around the loves, lives and losses of the four women whose stories are at the same time intriguing, entertaining and really rather moving.


Performing are:

  • Alessia Rubatto & Lucy Hall - Astrid
  • Joanna Drake - Pauline
  • Patricia van Henten - Olivia
  • Hilary Dennis - Harriet

Performances on 29 March (8 pm), 31 March (3 pm), 1 April (8 pm) , 5 April (8 pm), 6 April (8 pm) & 7 April (3 pm). After the performance, we will provide some food for you.


Tickets are 10 euro (including 1 food platter after the show).