This page covers the seventies. ( * indicates a Pantomime)

Date Play Author Director Comment
14/Feb/70 THE GRASS IS GREENER by Hugh & Margaret Williams Jo Royen -
28/Mar/70 THE ODD COUPLE by Neil Simon Rose Rhine -
14/Nov/70 MURDER MISTAKEN by Janet Green Nora Van Dessel -
20/Feb/71 BOEING-BOEING by Marc Camoletti
translated by Beverley Cross
Paul Roche -
08/May/71 WAIT UNTIL DARK by Frederick Knott - -
18/Dec/71 MY THREE ANGELS by Sam & Bella Spewack Nora Van Dessel -
26/Feb/72 WILD GOOSE CHASE by Derek Benfield Kay Purkis -
06/May/72 ANY WEDNESDAY by Muriel Resnik Bert Haasdijk -
11/Nov/72 LADIES IN RETIREMENT by Edward Perry & Reginald Denham Liz Van Dessel -
03/Feb/73 RELATIVELY SPEAKING by Alan Ayckbourn Liz Van Dessel -
29/Mar/73 CACTUS FLOWER by Abe Burrows Vivi Roche -
20/Oct/73 THE GAZEBO by Alec Coppel Jackie Steer & Liz Van Dessel -
5,5/Jan/74 *CINDERELLA by Ronald Parr Nora Van Dessel -
27/Apr/74 BAREFOOT IN THE PARK by Neil Simon Bert Haasdijk -
02/Nov/74 THE SECRETARY BIRD by William Douglas-Home Paul De Schrijver -
21,22/Dec/74 *ROBINSON CRUSOE by Eddie Ripley Nora Van Dessel -
15/Feb/75 EVERY OTHER EVENING by Jack Popplewell Rose Rhine -
03/May/75 THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP by Terence Frisby Vivi Roche -
25/Oct/75 HAPPY FAMILY by Giles Cooper Paul Roche -
20,21/Dec/75 *DICK WHITTINGTON by Eddie Ripley Vivi Roche -
05/Mar/76 TOM JONES by Joan MacAlpine Nora Van Dessel -
06/Mar/76 TOM JONES by Joan MacAlpine Nora Van Dessel Gala Performance
24/Apr/76 PLAZA SUITE by Neil Simon Bert Haasdijk -
13/May/76 THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND by Tom Stoppard Liz Van Dessel -
22/May/76 Entry for the first European Drama Festival in Rotterdam
30/Oct/76 THE WINSLOW BOY by Terence Rattigan Vincente Drews -
18,19/Dec/76 *ALADDIN by Eddie Pipley Vivi Roche -
26/Mar/77 A FLEA IN HER EAR by Georges Feydeau translated by John Mortimer Nora van Dessel Gala Performance
27/Mar/77 -
30/Apr/77 ARSENIC AND OLD LACE by Joseph Kesselring Liz van Dessel -
03/Jun/77 THE HOLLOW CROWN by John Barton Alec Robertson At The Royal Palace, Antwerp
23/Oct/77 LLOYD GEORGE KNEW MY FATHER by William Douglas-Home John Kingsmill -
1O/Dec/77 THE HOLLOW CROWN by John Barton Alec Robertson At Ruben's House, Antwerp
07/Jan/78 * THE ROSE AND THE RING by John Dalby Vivi Roche -
26/Feb/78 HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES by Alan Ayckbourn Nora van Dessell -
14/Apr/78 HARLEQUINADE by Terence Rattigan John Kingsmill -
GOSFORTH'S FETE by Alan Ayckbourn Paul Roche FEATS entry
23/Oct/78 SAY WHO YOU ARE by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall Stevie Pidgeon -
5,6/Jan/79 * LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD by Esther Bates Nora van Dessel -
18/Feb/79 RELATIVE VALUES by Noel Coward Peter Welbourne -
13/May/79 TABLE MANNERS by Alan Ayckbourn Nora van Dessell -
19,20/May/79 RUFFIAN ON THE STAIR by Joe Orton Gwen Kingsmill -
A SLIGHT ACCIDENT by James Saunders - ECC Production
THE GROG by J.W. Lambrechts - ECC Production
01/Oct/79 BUSYBODY by Jack Popplewell Alec Robertson