This page covers our founding decade,

Date Play Author Director Comment
28/Apr/56 MURDE R WITHOUT CRIME by J. Lee Thompson - -
06/Oct/56 PRESENT LAUGHTER by Noel Coward - -
08/Dec/56 BLACK CHIFFON by Lesley Storm - -
09/Feb/57 ON MONDAY NEXT by Philip King - -
06/Apr/57 DUET FOR TWO HANDS by Mary Hayley Bell - -
05/Oct/57 SEE HOW THEY RUN! by Philip King Robert Corbett -
07/Dec/57 THE PARAGON by Roland & Michael Pertwee - -
15/Feb/58 THE HAPPIEST DAYS OF Y0UR LIFE by John Dighton David Henderson -
26/ Apr/58 SOMEONE WAITING by Emlyn Williams David Henderson -
4/Oct/58 THE LITTLE FOXES by Lillian Hellman Bill Wright -
14/Dec/58 *JACK AND THE BEANSTALK by Vic Hewitt - -
14/Feb/59 BLITHE SPIRIT by Noel Coward Vic Hewitt -
25/Apr/59 DIAL 'M' FOR MURDER by Frederick Knott Bill Wright -
03/Oct/59 THE SACRED FLAME by W.Somerset Maugham Robert Corbett -
20/Dec/59 *THE BABES IN THE WOOD by Vic Hewitt