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Hello, and welcome to the stage management section of the FEATS 2012 website. As you're here now your early-bird behaviour should not go unrewarded! We have included the Arenberg's own technical information in pdf format for your perusal, so please feel free to download this file. Much of the information included in this will also be in your Technical Data Package. Please bear in mind that the Technical Data Package will contain the most up to date information, so once it is published this document will be considered out of date in respect to the FEATS 2012 festival.

Here is some further information that will be of interest to you:

The Vinci parking facility near to the Arenberg has a height restriction of 1m 90. At the time of printing this it was the cheapest car-parking available in such a central position. For van parking, watch this space. We will have an update once our Transport Manager has visited the Antwerp police.

Having had a wonderful and friendly experience with Feats Stage Management team in Geneva 2010 (we were a participating group) we would like to confirm that we will be adopting a policy of helping your group with your get in and get out. This was very helpful and welcoming in Geneva and we know that with the lift to the stage in the Arenberg this will help to ensure that we keep on track time-wise. In return we would like to ask all of the participating groups to accept any help of this kind in the manner that it is offered. It may be best to ensure that any particularly delicate props or décor that you know best are handled by you. Décor is generally moved onto trolleys and then into the lift.

All décor must be able to fit into the lift in order to reach the stage, so here are the lift measurements you need to know:

Lift Door:

  • width: 1.5 m
  • height: 2.2 m
  • diagonal: 2.6 m
  • longest piece possible inside lift: 5.88 m
  • height lift cage: 3 m

Lift at loading level – Ground Floor

The best solution to having any problems on your day of the festival is to ensure that you are well prepared. We have a very experienced team and we would like to think that we will be able to get you answers if we do not have them directly available. To make this easier for us please ensure that you read the technical data-package and that your communications are as concise and clear as possible.


We cannot wait to meet you and help you put your show on.

With our kindest, warmest regards

Your FEATS Antwerp Stage Management Team.

Lift at stage level